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Introduction : SS7 – Signaling Points Addressing

Signaling Point Code

The signaling point code is a 14-bit value that is assigned to each network node. The structure of signaling point code may consist of one, two, three or four units.


Inside the system and in signaling messages the addressing is always transferred as an unstructured binary value.


Network Indicator

The network indicator indicates the scope of signaling point code (SPC). The 14-bit signaling point code is insufficient to address all signaling point worldwide. Thus network indicator (NI) is used together with SPC


Network Indicator have the following definitions :

NAT0 National network provider’s signaling network

NAT1 Overlaying signaling network between two national operators

INAT0 International signaling network between operators that have international signaling point code.

INAT1 Reserved/Not used (yet)


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